Your culture & heritage in apps for kids

Promoting your country’s culture, national heritage and products through apps or games for kids can be a totally new challenge for developers but also a great opportunity. Not only does it help promote your country or region and their local products globally, but also can offer children an exciting and fully educational adventure. With still so few child-friendly educational apps that use Cross-Curricular Learning approach and Multicultural Education, our latest project Poland Inspires (Polska Inspiruje) demonstrates how to effectively combine entertainment with history, science and geography to promote local culture and heritage.


Poland Inspires is a first educational app designed for all children of Polish origin living abroad. Created by professionals in bilingualism and child development, the app fully applies the requirements of Positive Pedagogy, Active Learning and Global Reading.

Poland Inspires offers an unforgettable journey in time so that kids can meet Polish heroes whose achievements have been admired around the world for centuries. Children will learn about Polish culture, explore the national heritage of Poland and develop their Polish language skills – all thanks to the many attractive in-app mini games full of fun and educational content.


polska0Main features:

  • nine worlds’ famous Poles presented in an inspiring and fun way
  • Poland’s history, culture, geography and national heritage in nine educational mini games
  • fosters the acquisition and development of Polish language skills
  • models standard Polish pronunciation
  • Global Reading approach supports the development of reading and writing skills in Polish
  • Active Learning and Cross-Curricular approaches support the development of Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • fosters critical thinking
  • safe and child-friendly environment based on positive images
  • intuitive interface supported with visual and oral tutorial
  • good balance of audio-visual effects
  • Polish classical music in the background (Chopin, Moniuszko, Paderewski, Wieniawski, Dobrzyński)
  • ideal for children aged 5 to 8

Script, concept and full education advisory by Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz for Enabling Environments, UK and Rodzice Przyszłości Foundation, Poland

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