Why should kids app developers narrow down their target audience age?

cupcakeicon1024jpgA Cup Cake Games for Girls by Susie Brown represents the combination of mini-games such as memory game or matching, which seem to be popular among users and this is probably why there are so may different versions of this genre to be found on App Store and Google Play.

The classic memory game genre is often used in Early Years Learning as a basic educational tool to stimulating visual memory and developing the observational skills in children. It is relatively easy to use and even make yourself using sets of similar photos or pictures. These may be the reasons why app developers are tempted to offer yet another modified copy of the original concept proposing different graphics, characters, sound effects, etc. It may be a good idea but as simple as the game seems, it is still necessary to work closely with an experienced Educator to deliver a high-quality educational tool for children as they are the most demanding audience.

puzzleMany match 3 or memory games available on the market even though targeted cakememoryat children are usually too fast paced and too difficult due to the number of details and objects children need to cope with. These games require one-pointed concentration, great memory and high level of hand-eye coordination skills, which can be a real challenge even for an adult.

As children need constant positive feedback to boost their confidence and to encourage them to be continuously extending their skills, such games may be better suited for teenagers or adults who are able to cope with failure more easily. To be more suited to children’s needs and to help them develop their observational and hand-eye coordination skills, apps such as Cup Cake Games for Girls essentially need to consider child’s age and stage of development and adjust the visual component and game play to such needs. It’s not possible to make a good game that suits all ages as children’s abilities and skills differ as they grow up and develop. Hence, there will be a huge gap between babies and toddlers, not to mention babies and school age children.

Usually the best advice for app developers would be to narrow down their target audience to make sure the game caters for their specific needs and preferences, and to consult their project with an experienced Educational Advisor.

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