Why voiceovers recorded by children is the best option for your app?

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We all know how essential carefully-chosen sound effects are for an app or game. Having a good quality voiceover in your app or game for children is equally important, but often overlooked.

The easiest, cheapest and probably most tempting option is to find an adult voice talent who can record your entire script in one go, and which you can later integrate with your app. However, if you are serious about making good quality apps for kids, the sooner you forget about this option, the better it will be for you and your clients.

So you should start looking for voiceovers recorded by children. You’ll soon see the difference in the number of downloads and positive reviews for your app.

Why having voiceovers recorded by children is the best option?

The most effective way to create a welcoming and truly child-friendly context is to offer children something that they already know, understand and like.

  • When hearing a voice of another children while playing a game, a child will feel more secure and the gaming environment will feel more friendly and welcoming. Just like in a playground the child visits on the way home from the nursery or school.
  • Then, exploring new things and accepting new challenges that your app may propose will be much easier. Think of it as building a safe bridge between a well-known place and something that looks interesting to explore but has not yet been visited.
  • Hearing a friendly kid’s voice helps children gain more confidence and may positively affect their performance in a game. The more self-assured they feel, the better they score and the more they learn. For you it means more good reviews and more downloads!
  • Adding child’s voiceover to your app or game may positively contribute to children’s social and emotional development. They may feel there is a friend playing the game with them, which for some children is really important.
  • Children’s voiceover creates a sensation of actually having someone around to play with even if they are not really with them. For those shy ones this may be a good opportunity to open up more. Some kids will even talk to these imaginary friends whose voices they can hear and may want to come back to your game again and again just to meet them there. We guess, you already know what it means for your reviews!
  • For many children hearing adults voices in the game may bring negative school associations of teachers expecting results and telling them what to do. Hearing a child in their game tutorial and receiving game feedback from another child may boost confidence and help neutralise negative memories or experiences related to specific topics or contexts that may appear in your game and towards learning generally.
  • Finally, having a boy and a girl voiceover will help children identify easily with their preferred character and help avoid stereotypical presentations. So, make sure you have children of both genders reading your script!

You may occasionally hear arguments that it’s adults who should model correct pronunciation in apps and games for kids. Maybe it is so, but these adults who record voiceovers for apps are professional actors – they have been trained to do so this way! In reality your children listen to other adults around, including their school teachers, who do not have perfect pronunciation! Does this really negatively affect their speech? Not necessarily! It is not difficult to find a kid whose pronunciation is just as correct and natural, and they have never been professionally trained!

ID-100114489An Inclusive App 

If an app is to be educational, it essentially needs to reflect our real world. And in our real world there are kids whose pronunciation is as unique as they are themselves. Many of them still learn how to speak well. There will be kids who stutter, speak too fast or with a foreign accent. Other kids will lisp, don’t pronounce individual sounds or have speech delays. Among them, sure, there will be children whose pronunciation is clear and even exemplary.

Now interactive mobile apps offer a unique opportunity for education to go global. For developers it means reaching more clients with different cultural and social backgrounds. With this in mind, app developers should seriously consider incorporating Inclusive Approach in their apps.

When it comes to voiceovers promoting different language accents, pronunciation and speech models, even the ones that are not necessarily perfect will positively appeal to most children and, in the long term, help prevent discrimination in a global scale.

If you are passionate about making a real change, this argument should be convincing enough for you. However, no matter what your motivation is, if your app is inclusive from day one, it will receive positive attention on the kids market straight away.

Ps. You’d better stay away from having adults record your narration as if they were kids. They will never be able to copy child’s enthusiasm and their emotional world and all kids can easily identify such “pretenders”.

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