Using Countdown Timer App with Kids

stuart miles How often do you hear your kid asking

“How many days are left to my birthday”?

If you experience this now and then, you know that saying ‘a month or two” simply won’t do as then you will need to answer yet another question such as “But how long is a month? How many days, hours, minutes?”. Then you either grab a calendar and show your kid the exact amount of months and days they need to wait to get their birthday presents, or you may be already too tired doing this again and again every three days or so. If the latter is true for you, then it makes sense to look for useful tools that not only keep counting down months and days for your kid, but also in a long run help them become familiar with the concept of calendar, dates and time.

Final Countdown Day Timer by ThangBom LLC is a small but smart and useful app that lets you set your child’s most important events such as birthdays, holidays, school trips or even exams. The timer will countdown days, hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds (!) to your scheduled events making it easy for your child to actually check how much time there is still left to their favourite event. The seconds and milliseconds options may be particularly interesting for children as they will be able to see the numbers changing rapidly, which may help them learn how time counting is broken down into smaller and smaller units. For those really impatient little ones seeing numbers in motion may help create an impression that something is really happening and their birthday is closer and closer with every second and millisecond!


Final Countdown Day Timer comes along with a few useful options that allow your child to customise their experience such as adding own background photos to individual events, creating multiple events, customising sound effects, colours and styles of the displayed numbers. There is much more to it, but these features seem particularly important to children!

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