Simplicity Matters – with toddlers in mind

kapu forest (600 x 600)So, you want to¬†develop an app for toddlers? Really ambitious! But what is your starting point? Do you know your absolute must-haves, the¬†golden rules that will make your app truly child-friendly? Go for simplicity! It’s what kids aged 2-4 understand and really love. Simplicity should be reflected at each level of your app – from concept, design, game mechanics, graphics, sound effects, instructions to language. It’s always good to learn from the best ones, so why not have a look at a really good app for toddlers. A perfect example of a good understanding of the Principles of Simplicity.

In the vast jungle of applications for children Kapu Forest is really a positive surprise. From the very beginning the child is attracted to its beautiful but simple design. It is through this simplicity that the app developer Kapu Toys demonstrates their understanding of children’s needs. Toddlers and young children need basic graphics which allows them to recognise the shapes they are familiar with. Also, at this stage of development children should not be distracted with too much detail as their ability to concentrate is no yet ready to work with many elements at the same time. This is what Kapu Toys has taken into consideration and presented children with beautiful illustrations where the colours are bright but not too vivid, and the sizes of the elements are big enough for a small child to notice which fosters shape recognition. Such a combination offers comfort and builds confidence as for a little child the very fact of recognising familiar shapes is enough to have a great sense of achievement.

The application offers attractive but gentle sound effects and there is also an option to turn off the music. We find it particularly useful as many apps for children do not provide this kind freedom and too loud background music simply ruins the comfort a small child needs to enjoy the app. Again, this is very important when developing small children’s ability to concentrate. Too many sources of sounds as well as too many details may be over stimulating and may leave your child irritated. A good app should offer balance in multisensory experience and this is what Kapu Forest does.

The app uses a very effective technique of enhancing its educational value. It encourages children to use their knowledge about the world to actually extend it. Depending on the age and stage of development some children will already be able to recognise forest animals and learning about their habitats will be something new. Others may learn about animals’ food and habits. And by using what they already know children discover the aim of the game themselves, which makes the game very intuitive. This is one of the biggest advantages of Kapu Forest over other apps for children – no adult guidance is necessary. The child feels secure since the very beginning and such confidence-boosting applications are still difficult to find.

Kapu Forest also supports children in developing their hand-eye coordination by offering activities such as tracing, matching or sorting elements and all of them are well-paced with the level of difficulty carefully adjusted to targeted children’s age and stage of development. Even older children will surely enjoy occasional tryouts of the Kapu Forest mini-games, and a built-in timer allows parents to monitor their children’s time spent with this app.
All this makes Kapu Forest by Kapu Toys a unique in its kind and brilliantly developed application for children aged 2 to 4 years old.


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