Photo Challenge Your Family!

iPhone-6-Mockup_2_smallOne of the best ways to support children’s creativity is to work with pictures. Just grab a camera or two and go explore the world together. Children are usually more observant meaning they see beyond the obvious, which may be a great starting point for inspiring discussions. You can start with “no topic” for your pictures allowing your children to spontaneously capture whatever they find intriguing. Then, you can extend your “photo hunts” to regular themed events and add a “mission” element to it. Kids absolutely love missions!.

If you need some inspiration, you will get plenty by downloading Garagua Photo Challenge, a truly unique photo game which already has loads of inspiring photo challenges to complete. Just pick your favourite challenge, discuss it with your child, grab your cameras and see what you will both come up with.

There are more than 450 challenges to choose from, some of them being all about fun such as “Games with Kids” or “Spontaneous”, while others such as “Ecology” or “Stay Healthy” have more reflective and educational character making them just perfect for home schooling or your child’s school projects. There are some missions that will make you go somewhere or do something such as “Explore Around” or “Creative”, which can help you organise your family quality time. Garagua Photo Challenge is also perfect for your family travelling. You will be able to share your own and your kids’ pictures with your relatives and friends via social sharing option (parental supervision recommended).


Trying out Garagua Photo Challenge with your child may help you see through their eyes, explore their world better and gently guide them towards the things they are curious to understand.

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