Kapu Toys – High Quality educational apps for Early Years

Simplicity is what Kapu apps are all about, and this is what makes them unique and child-friendly. Kapu series combines learning with fun making each app a truly multi-sensory feast where the educational content is incorporated in the app context using the principles of Active Learning and Positive Pedagogy. Kapu makes sure the learning goals are set appropriately with children’s age and stages of development in mind. The content is never too easy or to complex, and is always presented in a super child-friendly way.


KFishing_iphoneicon-01-square-512x512Kapu Fishing helps children develop the awareness of a fisherman’s job and understand how fish come to shops and markets. Children can practice their fine motor skills by throwing a fishing rod and catching colourful fish. The app also fosters creativity by encouraging children to design their own unique fishing baits and then try out what kind of fish they will attract. Riding a speedy motor boat and checking how fast it can go while passing beautifully illustrated landscapes full of attractive details is what all kids will love!




screen520x924-3Kapu Blocks
An excellent app encouraging creativity and early construction skills. Children will absolutely love creating block towers, especially when each tower can be unique and made with blocks of surprising shapes and making funny sounds. Once the whole construction is ready it becomes alive and can even… run or fly away. For little engineers the construction process must always end up with a demolition, and this is where Kapu Blocks stands out from the crowd of app developers – your kids can demolish their creations with a mighty wrecking ball. Loads of fun and full of learning!


screen640x640Bloom Tunes
Again the Kapu team did a great job bringing complex concepts into Early Years Education where simplicity is the most important rule. You kids will design their own flower seeds, add some water and watch them grow! Each flower is unique and looks exactly the way the seed has been designed making the whole activity very personalised. Multi-sensory Learning is what the Kapu team always delivers with the highest quality, so this time your child will be surprised to discover that each flower tunes out all-favourite nursery rhymes. A perfect sing-along time for your entire family!

screen568x568-3Kapu Tickle
A perfect app for the youngest ones whose fingers will be all over the screen trying to find out what will happen with the smiling creatures they can see. Once they tickle them the creatures will produce funny baby-like sounds and get animated. A great tool to practicing early fine motor skills, just encourage your little ones to tickle the creatures’ different body parts. Since the app can function as a Toy Camera, you can personalise the whole experience by adding your baby’s photos and turning them into little monsters!



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