Welcome to Jobi’s Bistro – Education with Role-Plays

One of the activities that young children always love and seem never to get bored with is creative role-plays. They like it because they can imitate the real world and magically transform themselves into whoever they wish. Besides knights and princesses other popular choices are firefighters, actors, singers, cooks, vets, shop assistants, doctors or police officers. It’s quite easy to support children’s learning about the world and jobs by smuggling some clothes and objects that reflect the profession of their choosing. Then playing becomes even more fun and meaningful.

bistro_icon_androidMultimedia apps can offer extra input and help your children extend their knowledge about professions that they can later use in their play. Jobi’s Bistro is a child-friendly attempt to presenting a restaurant as a workplace where your child can engage in a variety of typical jobs that need to be done in such an environment ranging from chopping vegetables, deep frying, dishwashing to sorting food according to their type and storage requirements.



The game is ideal for pre-school children due to the simplicity of presentation and the level of challenge. With so many apps for young children being too complex Jobi’s Bistro seems carefully planned and provides the right level of multi-sensory stimulation. We particularly like the voiceover which is gentle, funny and always positive. There is loads of cute and funny sounds that children of all ages will love and want to repeat. Most of the pictures are labeled and narrated, which fosters the development of reading and word recognition skills. The choice of food offered in Jobi’s Bistro goes beyond the usual set of vocabulary, and your child will chop aubergine, cook broccoli soup or serve salmon steaks extending their vocabulary and food awareness at the same time.


The app developer Yellephant could make some minor improvements to make it even more exciting, such as more frequent animations upon touch, clearer and even more intuitive missions, and a wider variety of mini games.

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