Going Beyond Virtual Reality – how online communities support authentic experiences


nepal-1504853_640There are lots of fantastic educational mobile apps for children which they can enjoy directly. But there a only a few unique ones that will actually help your kids have a meaningful and unforgettable experience in the real world without even touching their tablets or iPhones. How does that sound to you? For us it’s fantastic news because using technology to actually go beyond the virtual reality to have extraordinary real-life experiences is where the modern world should go.

Authentic experience

The app we present here is for those who travel alternatively and who care a lot about having extraordinary authentic experiences, immersing themselves in local culture, and trying to see the place through the eyes of the local people. If you travel this way you should probably already know that it is actually people who make adventures authentic and exciting. These can be the people who host you, the ones who you meet in the streets while buying exotic fruit or vegetables, or the ones who caught your attention because of the special talents they have. Thanks to online platforms such as InCommon these people can also be the locals or other travellers you meet online. Just get together and begin your adventure!

New exciting online community

InCommon is an exciting new mobile app that helps family travelers get together with the local people who share their passions, skills and interests.

InCommon will  let you gather more information about the people you want to meet as you can study their profiles, exchange messages or emails before you actually meet them which helps you decide if you feel safe about the meeting. This is particularly important for families traveling with children.

InCommon meet locals

InCommon, thanks to the in-built map function will let you find the locals nearby. Just define the radius and you will see who is the closest to your spot. Travelling as a family you will want to meet inspiring people who you can either learn something from or exchange your experiences and interests with. With InCommon you can do this by using the interest filter and identify the people and other families who are alike.

It’s also very handy to create and belong to interest groups and add people as friends. Then, depending on your location and travel plans you can easily communicate with your friends and people from your interest groups to ask advice, arrange meetings or even plan excursions together. As with all online communities, due to safety reasons, the app should be used by parents.

A quick summary of what you can do with InCommon:

  • create your profile
  • find like minded people and interesting locals nearby
  • make friends
  • belong to interest groups
  • create your own interest groups
  • exchange messages

How exciting!

Download the app here!