Encouraging kids to experiment

pettsons inventions (512 x 512)Educational Value: 5/5

Social-Emotional Value: 5/5

Aspects of Child Development: 5/5

Multi-sensory Experience: 5/5

Child-Friendly: 5/5

Pettson’s Inventions DELUXE is a real gem among educational apps for children. It is the best physics and mechanics based game for children that we have tried so far.

Simple and Friendly
First of all this app definitely looks as if it has been designed with children in mind. The graphics is warm but simple and yet it is an advantage only because it does not distract children from the puzzles which are the main aim of the game. And children do appreciate such simplicity as it helps them easily and clearly recognise a variety of objects that appear throughout the game in order to combine them onto complicated structures.

Interaction matters
The puzzles are called “inventions” and the aim is to use different objects and put them together to construct useful machines which will, for example, help a mouse get the cheese or scare a dragon away so that the squirrel can enjoy the cake, and many more. In this Deluxe version there are 66 inventions to create with additional 6 unique ones never published before. Depending on child’s stage of development and interest in such kind of tasks completing the game may take from one day to a few weeks.
The game is really addictive and children love it. It offers plenty of room for social interaction and communication. Our kids (7 and 14) were working together for hours to solve the puzzles so it also seems that there is no age limit. Needless to say, we enjoyed them a lot too!

Inventions Deluxe offers plenty of space for child’s creativity as children can manipulate different objects, decide which elements will fit the whole structure and which items to put together. There will be no disappointment as the game gently guides children towards the right solution. If the element fits a certain place it will stay there, if not it will drop back. The solution can be found either by reasoning or by trial. And if it so happens that your child discovers the right combination of elements by accident they are still likely to understand why and how the whole construction works. This adds to the educational value of this application a lot.

Confidence booster
Children’s efforts are always rewarded with golden stars but the real confidence booster is that there is no failure in this game. And the sense of achievement is huge when your child solves the puzzles one by one on their own. If any assistance in finding the right solution is ever needed then the game can be easily turned into whole-family fun.

Create, think, discover
Children are encouraged to use their reasoning and logical thinking as they need to predict what elements will possibly go together and why or why not. Your little inventors can easily find out what happens when they combine elements by animating the section they have been working on. And it is then when children can see what is still missing to complete the puzzle. Children experience mechanics, physics and the cause and effect using cogs, chains, bolts, logs, swings, pipes, ropes and all kinds of everyday objects to construct something that will possibly work even in reality.

The game is really child friendly – no ads, no text boxes, no review prompts or upgrade requests. All instructions are oral, short and very clear and they are reinforced with simple pictures, which make the navigation very easy and intuitive.

Highly recommended to keep kids busy, great national curriculum stretcher that can possibly inspire children to start their own inventions!


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