We’ll Test your App

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We will pro-test 

your app or game for children and

 identify things to improve.

You will receive a professional developmental report that you will be able to use to boost your app.


 The developmental points will relate to the following criteria:

Educational value:
 cross-curricular links to geography, physics, ecology, biology, literacy, numeracy, language skills, etc.

Social-Emotional value: 
feelings, emotions, ethics, communication skills, multicultural exchange

Aspects of Child Development:
 creativity, reasoning & logical thinking, fine motor skills, how it appeals to child’s curiosity and allows exploration of interests



Multisensory Experience: 
balance between background music, graphics, animations, visual & sound effects, narrating and mechanics

Child Friendliness:
extent to which children can enjoy the experience intuitively without distractions such as ads, complicated instructions, etc.

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