We’ll Check & Boost your App Script

We will check and boost

your children’s app script or design.



In the process of editing your app script we’ll be using the following must-have criteria:

  • cross-curricular links to geography, physics, ecology, biology, literacy or numeracy, etc.
    the development of language skills, creativity, reasoning & logical thinking and fine motor skills
  • how the app appeals to child’s curiosity and allows for exploration of their own interests
  • the balance between background music, graphics, animations, visual & sound effects, and narrating
  • the extent to which the used mechanics are child-friendly and are relevant to the age and stage of development of the targeted age range
  • the extent to which children can enjoy their experience intuitively without distractions such as in-app ads, complicated instructions or tutorials, etc.
  • how the content contributes to the development of child’s self-esteem and understanding of the world with its differences
  • to what extent the content focuses on Positive Pedagogy (what kind of language, narration and feedback it offers, whether it promotes positive images and emotions, reference to equal opportunities)
  • to what extent the app is safe for children to use

Depending on your needs we will:

  •  insert our comments into your app script
  • completely rewrite and edit your ENTIRE script/design
  • add extensive notes and instructions on HOW to meet all the above criteria to make your app for kids unputdownable


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